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Modern Policing

Welcome to NECX, your digital platform for modern policing. Our innovative technology provides solutions for law enforcement, simplifies communication, supports crime victims, and fosters community trust.

Our Mission

"Building bridges between the community and police"

NECX is on a mission to deliver efficiency and simplicity to police departments through our intuitive interfaces and state-of-the-art algorithms. Our goal is to satisfy both police officers and crime victims, positioning ourselves as the world's leading information management systems provider for law enforcement.

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Our Mission

The Community

NECX is committed to empowering crime victims by providing seamless access to a suite of resources offered by law enforcement agencies, including statewide services. We streamline the support process, allowing victims to bypass unnecessary complications and focus on recovery.

Law Enforcement

NECX is more than just a technology provider; we are your dedicated partner in law enforcement. Our platform adapts to the unique needs of your agency, ensuring secure communication and efficient victim support while upholding your department's standards.

Victim Service Providers

NECX is a pivotal resource for both law enforcement and victim advocates. Our comprehensive platform elevates the efficiency and effectiveness of victim support, offering a user-friendly, reliable, and secure system.

The NECX Initiative

The Future of Policing

In an era where technology shapes the way we connect and communicate, law enforcement agencies are prioritizing building trust and fostering collaboration within the communities they serve. The NECX initiative is leading the charge in transforming the landscape of police-victim interactions.

Technology for Crime Victims

NECX provides a user-friendly hub for victims to get real-time updates, access support services, and stay informed throughout the process. Communities deserve a modern system that puts their needs and satisfaction at the forefront.

The Future

NECX is here to help law enforcement keep up with the pressing needs of the community and crime victims. We are ready at any time to help you serve your community. Our interfaces are constantly adapting to provide everyone access to the technologies of tomorrow, today.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies often face time constraints and understaffing. NECX steps in by simplifying case management, reducing paperwork, reducing double-input, and streamlining administrative tasks, but we are not a record management system. This saves time for officers and helps them focus on what matters most.

Streamlining Operations

Our services allow users to minimize the time they would spend searching for resources, looking through paperwork, and making unnecessary phone calls by compiling all your needs into one easy-to-use interface. We work around the clock to ensure user satisfaction on all fronts.

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